Welcome to Arktaria

When Arkmaria was created, the great sibling gods Arkna and Mortka were set to watch over this world, but as siblings often do, they quarreled. Their arguments left the Celestial Plane and influenced the mortals of Arkmaria to fight for one or the other, great wars that left lasting imprints on the land and the gods. It took the accidental intervention of the extraplaner deity Tari to restore balance to the Pantheon, though Tari also paid a heavy price for doing so. The world became Arktaria, and the gods forged a new trinity to maintain the balance of magical energy flowing into their realm. Together they swore that their conflicts would never again ravage the Material Plane.

Now that the age of gods is over, it is up to mortals to direct the flow of history. There are lands to be explored, gold to be made, trades to be bargained and evil to uproot – or encourage.

For reasons of your own you have come to the bustling port city of Sandoral in Embarelli province, which is part of Ter’Arkna or the Arknan Empire. In this diverse town there is much to amuse and much to intrigue if one has sufficient curiosity…


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