First Session

A dwarf named Gundar Rockseeker confronts each member of the party individually at the city Sandorall about exploring a jungle in the south. He appeals to each member’s goals by telling them what they want to hear and tells them to meet at the docks at noon the following day to begin the journey.

All the members meet for the first time at the docks. There’s Doji Shinsaku, who is called Shin. He’s a Monk from Rokugan on a pilgrimage to prove his leadership and warrior skills to the Crane Clan and to live up to his father’s expectations. There’s Cog, a gnome hermit sorcerer who believes organic life is defective and wishes to improve everyone with automaton constructs. And Ibryn, an elvish fighter obsessed with ancient ruins and archaeology.

They all board the ship Golden Pearl with Gundar on a 3 day journey to the southern part of the continent. On the way, the party becomes a little more acquainted with each other and the dwarf host. Cog catches a rat and tries to improve it but only manages to replace it’s legs with wooden stumps.

Once arrived, they find a small outpost where they spend a couple days preparing for the trek into the jungle to where Gundar’s assumed employer is. Gundar leaves ahead of the party with his bodyguard. The party leaves a half a day later.

On the road, they find Gundar and his bodyguard’s horses dead with black arrows. While investigating, the party was attacked by goblins who were quickly dispatched except 1. Ibryn managed to capture the last goblin and Shin, who speaks goblin, questioned him. They learned Gundar was taken to a nearby cave where King Grol rules. It appears they intended to feast on the dwarf and his bodygaurd. The Goblin led the party to the cave entrance.

On the way, Shin learned the goblin’s name was Throg-belcher. Cog wished to keep the goblin to ‘improve’ him so they binded the goblin in rope and tied him to a tree.

The party managed to avoid traps and slayed a few goblin look-outs and enter the cave. After distracting some wolves with chew-toys conjured from Cog’s magic, they stealthily found what appears to be the goblin king’s throne room. The occupants are sleeping.

((We had to pause here as Chad needed to go.))


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