Inquisitors of Arkna


The four inquisitors of Arkna are high ranking members of the Arknan Church whose primary purpose is to seek out new knowledge of Arkna, Law and Justice and to determine what is true knowledge versus false knowledge. At times in the history of the Arknan Church, the Inquisitors have performed darker purposes including purging heretics, torturing prisoners and producing propaganda. This is not their intended purpose and it has been many years since the Inquisitors were regarded with fear – the general people today regard them with the respect of a learned scholar.


Each of the four Arknan pilgrimage cities boasts its own Inquisitor (Ter’Arkna, Ibannon, Murond and T’vii). The Inquisitor in Ibannon traditionally makes their residence at the Nime Monastery instead of in the city proper.

Inquisitors tend to be monks or clerics who have shown a great propensity for determining the truth, whether it be between people in criminal or informational cases or from philosophical texts. They are expected to be efficient and effective or they can be replaced (“retired”). They must also be committed Arknans and a seraph of Arkna is summoned to judge and approve them prior to their ascendancy to the position.

Inquisitors of Arkna

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