Organizations of Arktaria

There are thousands of organizations ranging in size from local to national to worldwide. Adventurers will discover new organizations as they journey. Here are some of the largest and most famous.

Religious organizations

Order of the Golden Flame
Nime Monastery
Mortkan Preservation Society

Scholarly/Historical organizations

Knights of Old Valdimar
Arkillia Research Project
The Midnight Mentors
Volgavian Librarians Guild

Political organizations (independent of municipalities)

The Harmonizers
Free Illians
Halfling Education For Elvish Repatriation (H.E.F.E.R.)
Soladaran Rebels
Crane Clan
Unicorn Clan
Tiger Clan
Mantis Clan
Scorpion Clan

Business organizations

East Wildemar Trading Company
Arknans for Agriculture
T’vii Trading Network
Eastern Marshes Criminal Cartel
Volgavian Thieves Guild – The Ring
Volgavian Thieves Guild – The Finger
Rokugan Exports
Hilltop to Stonedrop Connection

Organizations of Arktaria

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